RetroFit Shaft Adapter, Replacement for Callaway OptiFit

Extremely Rigid Connection, Save 6 Grams

ATTAC, Tempa Flow, CV Slide Springs, Shaft Extractor, Snow Ski Damper

Holtzman Engineering, Inc.

Our president, Mr. Holtzman, has been an inventor most of his life. He has been issued 24 patents and has several pending in diverse fields; electrical power distribution, carburetion, nitrous oxide delivery, golf clubmaking, Ski Oscillation Damper and a bowling ball balance scale. For over 23 years, Holtzman Engineering, Inc. has been producing these products, products which help the consumer play harder and work easier.

ATTAC, Tempa Flow, CV Slide Springs, Shaft Extractor, Snow Ski Damper

How to Purchase

Our Carburetion Products, Golf Club Making Products and Snow Ski Damper can be purchased through this site via PayPal even if you do not have a Paypal account.  If you do not have an account, click on the tab that says pay with a credit or debit card.  Call in if you have questions about these products, (715) 617-8727.
For Nitrous Oxide Products, contact Straightline Performance at, or (651) 466-0212.
For Holtzman Bowling Ball Scale, contact Jayhawk Bowling at, or (785) 842-3237.


Holtzman Engineering, Inc.


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Holtzman Engineering - electrical power distribution; carburetion products: ATACC, Tempa Flow, and CV Slide Springs; nitrous oxide delivery; golf clubmaking products: Shaft Extractor/Puller, Frequency and Flat Line Oscillation (Flo) Plane Shaft Analyzer and the Holtzman Loft and Lie Gauge; Snow Skiing Helper; and the Holtzman bowling ball balance scale.



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